Editorial Policy for the SCAN Website

The primary objective of the South East Scotland Cancer Network (SCAN) is to ensure equitable provision of high-quality cancer services. Access to information reduces anxiety for cancer patients and their families, improves satisfaction and aids recovery.

The aim of the SCAN website is to provide impartial and quality-assured information on cancer and cancer services in the SCAN region.

1.     Selection of information for inclusion

1.1    The SCAN website will include information relevant to cancer patients and health professionals in South East Scotland.

1.2    The SCAN website will avoid duplication by linking to health board and national websites (eg NHS Inform, Macmillan) as appropriate.

1.3    Information for publication on the website must be submitted by an appropriately qualified and experienced member of the SCAN network:
- Clinical information must be approved by an appropriate health professional
- Non-clinical information (eg information about SCAN activities, sources of support for cancer patients, travel information) will be selected for publication by an appropriate member of the SCAN team (eg Network Manager, Patient Involvement Manager, Groups and Communications Co-ordinator).

1.4    In general patient identifiable information will not be published on the SCAN website. Patient identifiable information will only be included where patients have given specific permission (eg for publication of patient stories.)

1.5    The SCAN website does not accept advertising.

1.6    Funding for the SCAN website comes from the SCAN health boards. Website content is not influenced by these funding streams.

1.7    SCAN is a non-political organisation and will exercise impartiality in the selection of information published on the SCAN website. Where views are expressed which are those of individual members of SCAN, rather than of the organisation, this will be clearly stated.

2.     Information quality

2.1    Information on the website will comply with accepted local and national guidelines on the publication of written materials. Authors should ensure that local documents are approved by their health board before submission for publication on the SCAN website. Regional documents will be submitted to the NHS Lothian Communications Team for approval.

2.2    Information should be presented clearly in an appropriate style for the intended audience. The SCAN Patient Involvement Manager can provide support in this respect, including arranging patient review of documents.

2.3    Site pages will conform at a minimum to Level A compliance as specified by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and will endeavour to meet Level AAA compliance of accessibility where possible.

2.4    Details of author, date of issue and date of next review will be included on all pages. These details will also be included on all new documents.

2.5    Content on the network will be reviewed with timescales appropriate to the individual material by an appropriate member of the SCAN network.

3.     Communications with website users

3.1    Comments and feedback from website users will be welcomed and will be used to inform further development of the site. All comments will be acknowledged.

3.2    The network will not provide specific information to individuals about their condition or treatment but all enquiries will be acknowledged.

4.     Legal issues

4.1    Legal liability for content on the network lies with NHS Lothian. Authority has been delegated to professionals within SCAN to submit and approve material. Material on the network is intended for information only and is subject to the disclaimer accessible from all pages.

4.2    SCAN is not responsible for the content on external websites.

4.3    Copyright: Authorisation in writing will be sought to publish material other than that authored by members of SCAN. Full recognition will be given to content authors.

5.     Disclaimer

5.1    The network is designed for educational and informative purposes only.

- The information provided by the network should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or a disease and it is not a substitute for professional medical care. Nothing on this website is intended to constitute advice to you. Specific advice should be sought in specific situations from a properly qualified health worker.
- Management of individual patients may on occasions be different from the general description.

Click here for a full copy of the website disclaimer.

Issue date: 28/06/12
Review date: 28/06/14